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Building a New construction Home

Embarking on the journey to purchase a new construction home is an exciting adventure. From selecting floor plans that resonate with your lifestyle to the final walk-through, we’ll navigate the process seamlessly, ensuring you not only find a house but build the home of your dreams.

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“I know everyone always says their realtor was the best but noooo, Khafilat was absolutely amazing through this whole process. From the beginning I called her and told her my credit was not where it needed to be but I wanted to be a homeowner. She became an accountability partner. Every month she checked in with me to make sure I’m on track and progressing forward. By June 2021 I was ready and she provided me with options on lenders, on the market, interest rates and then some. Whenever I had questions, she responded same day!!! She made the process so smooth, even when I wanted to cuss out the lenders ahaha, she always came to the rescue and got everyone on board. Buying a home is definitely stressful but when you have someone like Khafilat looking out for you, it does feel like family. We were extremely grateful to have met her and her talents. She is one of the BEST out there and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t use her!!”

– Alvina Nyako (New construction client)

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Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

The journey to your dream home begins with a comprehensive exploration of your needs and desires. We'll discuss your lifestyle, preferences, and must-have features. Understanding your vision allows us to focus on new construction projects that align perfectly with your goals.

Financing and Pre-Approval

The financial side might seem overwhelming, but don't worry—I've got your back. We'll connect with experts who specialize in financing new construction. They'll break down the process, help you secure pre-approval, and ensure you're fully informed about your budget for building your dream home.

Explore New Construction Communities

I'll introduce you to exciting new construction communities that match your dreams. We'll explore model homes together, giving you a firsthand look at the possibilities and helping you find a community that feels like home.

Customization and Contract Negotiation

One of the joys of purchasing a new construction home is the ability to customize it to fit your lifestyle. We'll work closely with builders to explore design options, upgrades, and any personal touches you envision. I'll guide you through the decision-making process & assist in negotiating the contract terms ensuring your choices align with your preferences and budget.

Inspections and Closing

Once we've finalized your selections, construction will commence. Throughout the building process, I'll be your advocate, monitoring progress, and ensuring everything aligns with the agreed-upon plan. As we approach completion, we'll coordinate inspections, and I'll be there to facilitate a smooth closing process, handing you the keys to your brand-new dream home.

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Whether you’re seeking a cozy abode or a spacious retreat, I’m here to tailor your search to match your unique preferences. With no strings attached, this personalized service allows you to explore the market without commitment.

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About Purchasing A New Construction Hom

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About purchasing A new construction home in Charlotte, NC?

New construction homes offer several benefits, including the ability to customize features, the latest in energy-efficient technologies, modern floor plans, and often lower maintenance costs. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the wear and tear of a previous owner.

The timeline for building a new home can vary, but it typically takes anywhere from a few months to a year. Factors influencing the timeline include the size of the home, weather conditions, and any unforeseen construction issues. Your builder can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific project.

New construction homes often come with builder warranties that cover structural components, systems, and appliances for a specified period, typically around one to ten years. It’s crucial to review and understand the warranty details to know what is covered and for how long.

While builders may have less flexibility in price compared to individual sellers, there is often room for negotiation. You can negotiate on upgrades, closing costs, or even ask for certain appliances to be included. Working with an experienced realtor can be beneficial in navigating these negotiations.

Financing a new construction home is similar to financing an existing one, but there are key differences. Many builders have preferred lenders who specialize in new construction financing. It’s essential to explore your options, understand construction loans, and secure a pre-approval before starting the home-building process.

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